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TBT Token fosters a no-censorship, freedom-first community. Leverage the blockchain to empower and innovate independently.

TBT Token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a beacon of autonomy in the digital age. Engineered for freedom and designed for the bold, our platform ensures that every voice can be heard, and every idea has the space to grow.

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Power to the people is our motto, and TBT Token makes it a reality. This isn’t just a platform; it's a community-driven powerhouse where each member holds the key to collective decision-making.

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Why Choose TBT Token ?

  • Trusted Platform: Built on the reliable Chiliz network, ensuring secure transactions and robust performance.
  • Community-Driven: A vibrant community that's growing every day, with active participation on platforms like Telegram and Twitter.
  • High Potential: Having successfully completed multiple funding rounds with reaching hard caps, TBT Token is poised for significant growth and one of the most promising tokens in Chiliz Chain.
Join us on this exciting journey. Invest in TBT Token today and be part of the future of decentralized technology!

Built on Top of Chiliz Chain

The Chiliz blockchain is a digital ledger technology primarily designed for the sports and entertainment industries.

It powers the Chiliz platform and the associated Socios.com app, enabling fans to engage with their favorite sports teams and clubs through "fan tokens." These tokens grant holders certain voting rights in club decisions, access to exclusive rewards, promotions, and experiences.

The blockchain uses a proof of authority consensus mechanism, focusing on efficiency and scalability to handle transactions and interactions between fans and sports entities.

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